New Nylon Zipper-Skin Cooling Zipper

  • We are introducing Skin Cooling Zipper. Our new nylon zipper is designed specifically cycling apparel . By changing the mesh-style on the zipper tape, it can reduce the weight of the zipper tape. when it comes to Cycling, the better aerodynamics and light weight is always something we are looking for. this is why we development this light weight zipper for all cycling jersey. while you are cycling, it is important that your jersey remains breathable, cool-feeling effect. if this is what you want, Our skin cooling zipper is designed for you.

  • Material
    Our skin cooling zipper tape are made of premium nylon. Our nylon are lightweight, extremely durable and breathable. it is absolutely the go-to option when choosing a zipper for cycling jersey.
    Zipper Type
    We are using reversed zipper which is made the same nylon coil, but the coil is on the back side of the zipper, and the slider is on the front side. The coil of zipper is concealed and much small gap in between. it is smooth, clean appearance, and preventing sand and dirt getting into the coil while cycling.
    When trying to decide what to wear while cycling, it is best to go for a fluorescent colour. Adding reflective to our skin cooling zipper are attractive on both day and night to help protect and keep you safe while cycling. We offer two different width options when it comes to reflective strips. we are making ensure that both options are suit to your design requirements.
    Colours & Sizes
    ZIPHOO skin cooling zipper are avaliable in various colours and sizes. it is absolutely customisable.

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