Aluminum zippers help you make better bags

  • When creating bags and suitcases, have you given any other metal zipper styles a thought? If not, you can think about utilising a zipper made of aluminium alloy from ZIPHOO.

    Metal zippers are the oldest variety in the history of zippers. The main metals used to create zippers are brass, nickel, and aluminium. They are widely used in heavy duty apparel, work garments, heavy baggage, and jeans that need to withstand high strength and harsh washing because of their durability.

  • Because aluminium is far less expensive to produce than brass or copper when making zippers, which has advantages for business, we advise using it in your bag and suitcase designs. Our ZIPHOO zipper made of aluminium alloy costs 40% less than a brass zipper. especially when there are multiple uses for both metal zippers. It may be the only logical line of action to transition from brass to aluminium zippers in some circumstances where both metal zippers perform equally well. Additionally, it has the potential to considerably raise margins for our manufacturing clients. According to comments from our current clients, aluminium alloy zippers are widely used on suitcase and bag-pack.

  • Having made zippers for more than 20 years, ZIPHOO zipper places a high importance on technical innovation and the development of new goods to completely meet customer expectations.

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