How to Choose a Waterproof Zipper

  • Waterproof zipper is one of the special zippers , and it is also a type of nylon zipper , which is a specially treated nylon zipper. The special treatment of waterproof zipper includes: bonding PVC, bonding TPU film, soaking in waterproof agent, coating waterproof zipper. Among them, the waterproof zipper with TPU film is a high-end product of waterproof zipper.

    Waterproof zippers are widely used, suitable for: cold clothes, ski clothes, down jackets, sailing suits, diving suits, tents, car and boat covers, raincoats, motorcycle raincoats, waterproof shoes, fire clothes, luggage, jackets, fishing clothes and others waterproof related products.

  • Waterproof zipper helps keep water out of clothes when exercising outdoors

  • The main factors to consider when choosing a waterproof zipper are: the beauty of the product and the practical effect of waterproofing. Waterproof zippers should be considered from the following aspects:

    • The waterproof zipper film does not tear.

    The degree of softness, it is generally believed that the softer the zipper, the better the quality of the waterproof zipper.

    The surface of the waterproof zipper film is smooth and delicate, with a soft feel similar to leather, which is the appearance of high-quality waterproof zippers.

    Waterproof effect: The size of the middle seam is directly related to the waterproof effect of the waterproof zipper. If it is too large, it obviously will not have the waterproof effect and lose the sense of the waterproof zipper herself.

    The color difference of colored waterproof zippers should be small. The difference between the color of the zipper tape and the fabric is the color difference. The color of the film surface and the color of the surface of the tape should be controlled within 5%.

    Service life, the quality of the adhesive film on the waterproof zipper is directly related to the service life of the waterproof zipper.

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