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What You Need to Know About Nylon Zippers Are nylon and polyester zippers the same? Nylon Coil Zipper Although polyester is now more commonly used than nylon, the nylon coil zipper name is still used today. The loop is stitched to the zip tape to make the final product. With that in mind, what are nylon zippers used for? These stretchy nylon coil zippers are available in a variety of sizes. This type of zipper is commonly used in tents, backpacks, suitcases, and camping clothing. Nylon coil zippers are the zipper of choice for the outdoor and luggage industry. Then, are nylon zippers good? Strength, long-term durability, and easy repair Nylon coil zippers have a stronger horizontal pull to prevent separation, which is why they are often found on travel luggage or other items that tend to be overstuffed. In simple terms, what is a nylon zipper? A coil zipper - also known as a nylon coil zipper - is a type of zipper whose teeth/elements are made from a coiled monofilament of traditional nylon. The loop is stitched to the zip tape to make the final product. When the nylon discs are sewn onto the zipper tape, the final zipper product is complete.

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