Apply Invisible Zipper On Dress

  • Ordinary zippers are very common in life, but some invisible zipper also play an important role in different places, and they often give you many different novel experiences.Many dresses have a zipper opening at the back neckline for ease of putting on and taking off. If you're making a dress and wondering what to do with the closure, you have two options: hide the zipper or show it.

  • Invisible Zipper

    A method of using a standard invisible zipper, camouflaged with a similar color along the seam and zipper tape. This method is suitable for garments such as dresses with patterned lace. You can also carefully match the original trim at the zipper seams for a complete look. This will not spoil the full pattern and effect of the garment.

    Another way to keep zippers inconspicuous in garments with skin tone sheer fabrics is to choose invisible zippers with skin tone scotch tape. These lightweight zippers come in many colors and different lengths.

  • Other Special Zipper

    The second method is to use a other special zipper- Diamond Zipper . We have embedded crystals in each zipper tooth on our plastic zipper as shown in the picture above. Let the zipper be an embellishment that complements the garment beautifully.

    Of course there are other types of fun decorative zippers you can use, including those with colored, reflective, or die-cut tape that will create a nice lace effect to make clothes look even better.

  • Special zippers play a special and important role in clothing design. ZIPHOO , as a first-class supplier in the zipper industry, we have always been committed to developing special zippers with various types and functions to meet the needs of customers.

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