How to choose the right zipper for your project

  • How Does the Zipper Work?

  • A fastener consisting of a row of metal teeth or plastic teeth on each of the two straps is used to connect the edge of the opening (such as the mouth of a garment or a bag), and a slider can pull the two rows of teeth into the interlocking position to close the opening. To sew on clothes, pockets or purses, etc.

  • Choosing the Right Zipper

  • Zipper can be used almost anywhere. For example, in Cycling Wear , safetywear , outdoor wear , casual clothing and lady clothing . With so many applications, it can be difficult to determine which type is the best choice for a particular job.

    To clarify this, we break down and explain some of the most common zipper components and types below.

  • Methods of Choosing Zippers

  • Tape: The tape should be dyed evenly, without dirt, scratches, and soft to the touch. In the vertical or horizontal direction, the tape should be flat with slight waves.

    Teeth: The surface of the sprocket should be smooth, with a smooth feel and little noise when pulled.

    Slider: The self-locking pull head pulls easily and freely, and locks without slipping off.

    Reinforce tape: It is tightly attached to the tape, not easy to break and fall off, and can be washed with water.

    Pin&box: interspersed freely, tightly fixed on the cloth tape.

    Top stop, bottom stop: 1. The top stop should be fastened to the first tooth (metal, nylon), the distance should not exceed 1mm, and it should be strong and beautiful.

    2. The bottom end should be fastened to the chain teeth or embedded on it, and it should be strong and beautiful.

  • Application of Different Types of Zippers

  • Plastic Zipper have a closed structure that resembles a "teeth". They are made of plastic teeth injected into the tape. Stiffer than nylon zippers, they are generally better for straight line applications.

  • Nylon Zipper is composed of nylon monofilament wrapped around the center line through a heating die. Compared with metal zippers and plastic zippers, nylon zippers have the characteristics of low cost, large output and high popularity. It can be used in various occasions, but generally prefer to use it on sportswear, shoes, bedding, bags, tents.

  • Metal Zipper refers to the zipper whose teeth are made of copper, cupronickel or aluminum. Compared with nylon zipper and plastic zipper, it is stronger. It is mostly used in jeans, coat placket, clothing pockets, luggage, etc.

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