Bjørn Gulden to be Adidas CEO

  • Will Bjørn Gulden really be the new owner of Adidas? A line from his farewell line at Puma showed his confidence in another high-level role: "I still have a lot of energy in an operational role for the next five to 10 years, but it's too long for Puma."

    Back in sports: Long-time Puma boss Bjørn Gulden has left the company unexpectedly. He is said to be moving to Adidas to replace outgoing chief executive Kasper Rosted.

    "Adidas AG confirms that it is working with

    Puma SE CEO Bjørn Gulden is in talks as a possible successor to Adidas AG CEO Kasper Rorsted," the group said in a brief interim announcement. Meanwhile, Manager Magazin reported that because Gulden was out of competition The reason could not switch directly from Puma to Adidas, but Rorsted left at the beginning of the year, and CFO Harm Ohlmeyer (54) may initially take over as Adidas' interim boss. Rosted announced his resignation in the summer. At TW's request, Adidas referred to the interim announcement. In addition , according to a spokesman, the group has no comment at this time.

    Puma announced its farewell to Gulden on Friday. After nine years as CEO, his successor will be Arne Freundt from within the company. "Now is the right time for Puma, my successor and me to leave the company," Gulden said in a statement. At the end of the year, on January 1, Floyd, who signed a four-year contract, took over. Freundt has been with Herzogenaurach for more than ten years and will be a member of the Executive Board as Chief Commercial Officer from June 2021.

  • Taking over a well-known company from his predecessor: Arne Freundt becomes Puma's new CEO.

  • Since joining the company, the 42-year-old has held various positions and as General Manager was responsible for corporate strategy, the global direct-to-consumer business and the EMEA region. Héloïse Temple-Boyer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Puma SE, said: "With Arne Freundt, we have gained the company's recognized CEO leader. He is the "ideal choice" to continue on the path of success and further accelerate the "momentum of the company". At the same time, Temple- Boyer thanked longtime boss Gulden for "his great work" in putting Puma back on the road to success.

    Is Puma now over Adidas?

    For years, sporting goods makers lacked an identity of their own. Now, Puma is posting record quarter after quarter while rivals suffer setbacks and failed partnerships in China. However: the road to the top is a long one.

    Gulden said: "I've had 9 outstanding years with the Puma family and I'm very proud of what we've achieved together. Even in tougher times, we've maintained our momentum and achieved record sales and profits." He still has enough energy to take on an operational role for the next five to 10 years, but "it's too long for Puma." This also points to the assumption of a new top position.

    His successor, Floyd, strategized with him and helped make important decisions. "He knows my strengths and weaknesses and I'm sure he'll do better than me."

    The just-concluded third quarter was reportedly very good for Puma. Currency-adjusted sales rose 16.9 percent to 2.35 billion euros, or 23.9 percent in euros. It was the highest quarterly revenue in the company's history. Operating results (EBIT) jumped 12.6 percent to 258 million euros.

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