ZIPHOO-Zipper Manufacturing Process

  • Our fast, stable automated zipper production line will significantly reduce the production costs and labour costs. This will also ensure output consistency and quality. Eventually, it leaves enough margin for our trimming clients. More importantly, our high production efficiency will guarantee the delivery time to some extend.

    Even though a zipper appears to be small, it requires a variety of skills and techniques. Because the entire production involves more than a dozen professional disciplines, including the chemical industry, machinery, textile, printing and dyeing, electronic engineering, and automatic control. the manufacturing of zippers has high professional and technical requirements. Additionally, the lengthy manufacturing procedure, huge batch size, complex variety, and high manufacturing accuracy all contribute to zipper production.

    However, the production process of the zipper is changing constantly due to the upgraded equipment and machinery. Today we are going to introduce the process of zipper manufacturing.

  • The Preliminary Processing

    •The raw material will be processed into semi-finished zippers during this stage.

    •Polyester monofilament and central thread are wound into a spiral tooth chain.

    •polyester filament yarn is weaved into the tape of the zipper.

    •zipper tooth chain and tape are sewed together.

    Dyeing and Tidying

    •the white semi-finished zipper chain will be dyed into colourful products.

    •The white zipper chain is uniformly wound on the dyeing cylinder by a winding machine.

    •put white zipper chain into dye vat to complete the dyeing process under high temperature and pressure.

    •Neaten and iron the coloured zipper chain to make them flat and stabilise.

    Slider Manufacturing

    slider manufacturing consists of 3 parts: die casting of slider parts, assembly of slider parts and surface treatment of the assembled slider.

    Finished Product Processing

    Coloured zipper chains, sliders, stoppers and other accessories are assembled into finished products depending on the customer’s demand. The finished zipper can be categorised into an open-end zipper and a closed-end zipper.

  • What Does ZIPHOO Do

    ZIPHOO is a zipper company in China where has been specialised in the zipper field for more than 20 years. We produce all kinds of zipper products including Nylon , Metal and Plastic zippers .

    At ZIPHOO, We care about safety and we want to make sure that all of our staff and workers work in a safety environment. When it comes to our safety zipper products, We are carefully inspect every piece of them to make sure that our products meet our safety wear standard.

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