What are the best types of zippers to use for sportswear?

  • When it comes to sportswear design, we always think about what are the factors we should consider while choosing the suitable zippers. To improve athlete performance, zippers can be utilised to fasten, secure, and stabilise sportswear and equipment. Function, application, materials, aesthetics, and pricing are the top five factors to take into account when choosing a zipper for sportswear or athletic gear.

    What kinds of sports come to mind when you think about the athletic apparel industry? Football, baseball, basketball, golf, and hockey may come to mind, but what about scuba diving, tennis, cycling, personal training, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and shooting?

    The truth is that there are more than 200 core sports invented by humans, along with 600+ sports, which you can participate in to improve your physical and mental health.

    It is important to think about the kind of equipment you will need. Fasteners are used to fasten, close, and support a variety of clothing items, uniforms, and sporting goods so that you can perform at your peak.

    Here are the top five factors to take into account when choosing a zipper for application in athletic apparel:


    Function should be the primary consideration when choosing a zipper.

  • choose a ZIPHOO plastic zipper for outdoor cold weather sports like skiing or snow shoeing.

    choose a nylon zipper for a sleeping bag or tent for camping.

    The zipper's opening and closing are guided by the slider feature. Are locking or non-locking functions required? How about access to either one or both sides of the clothing or athletic equipment? Does the tab have a webbing strap attached or need a unique shape to hold it? These are all important factors to keep in mind while choosing a zipper.

    At ZIPHOO, we have wide range of slider selections for you to choose. we can also customise your slider with your logo on it, and we can make any shape of tab that you might desire to have.


    The application remains another crucial factor. Where will you use the zipper? Will it be used in a weather-dependent situation? Will it be subjected to pressure, heat, cold, or moisture? Will you need to be kept dry while swimming? Is the architecture of each tooth significant? Is construction using continuous elements more efficient? What degree of abrasion will the zipper experience? How resilient does it have to be? Should bigger teeth be taken into account?


    The materials must be taken into account while choosing a zipper. A zipper's teeth are typically made of metal, plastic injection-molded teeth, or coils. What among these is the best? Metal and plastic zippers typically differ in weight and appearance. For instance, zippers with plastic teeth are advantageous for outdoor applications since they are lightweight and weatherproof. One must also take into account the tape's material. For instance, polyester tape is more resistant to UV rays than nylon tape. How is the zipper going to be attached? In the event of a PU coated tape, will it be sewed or sewn and seam sealed? For a successful installation, the substrate material must be compatible with the product.


    How ought the zipper to appear? Does function matter more than look, or do they both matter equally in terms of establishing the brand's standards? Should the zipper be hardly perceptible or stand out as a distinctive feature? The zipper is used by some of the more well-known backpack, cold-weather clothing, and dry suit manufacturers as an useful and aesthetically pleasing branding tool. The zipper is typically hidden so as to not detract from the aesthetic of team uniforms, gymnastics attire, and cycling apparel.


    Last but not least, the price of a zipper is a crucial factor that should be balanced against the fastener's utility, robustness, and quality.

    At ZIPHOO, we know how important and sensitive the pricing to all of our clients. Our price is always very competitive comparing to SAB and SBS which are some of biggest zipper companies in china, and we can assure you that our quality is always our first priority and we do never compromise it.

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