What are the areas where the zipper is used?


  • Zippers are basic products that are widely used in many industries. Zipper types vary by color, tooth width and zipper model. The types of zippers are divided into nylon zippers , plastic zippers and metal zippers . The choice of zipper can be based on the weight and thinness of the fabric used. areas where zippers are used;

    Canvas Zipper - Tent Zipper

    Sturdy thick-toothed nylon zipper models are used to produce products such as canvas, sails, tents, and sleeping bags. As the zipper tooth width, especially TYPE 10 nylon zipper 5.90-6.00mm and TYPE 11 nylon zipper 6.30-6.40mm models are the first choice. You can sell the bottomed nylon zipper, split nylon zipper and plastic zipper models required for wholesale zippered canvas, sail, tent and other products from our company.

    Baby Clothes Zipper

    The plastic zipper version is especially suitable for the production of children's and baby's clothing, but also for the production of lightweight clothing such as T-shirts, coats, sportswear and raincoats. We wholesale all the zipper models you need, including plastic and nylon zipper models for lightweight clothing, children's and baby clothing.

    Bag Zipper - Luggage Zipper

    Nylon zipper types are mainly used in the production of these products which are often used in daily life such as bags, suitcases, suitcases and purses. Metal zippers can be used in the production of some bags, travel cases, suitcases and wallets. You can buy nylon zippers for bags, suitcases and suitcases at wholesale zipper prices.

    Coat Zipper

    Plastic zippers are used in the production of coats, workwear, sportswear, raincoats and similar outerwear products. You can easily use separate zipper and combination zipper types in your products, suitable for the production of related outerwear products.

    Shoe Zipper

    Zippers used in the production of boots, boots and shoes shall be zippers with strong, coarse teeth. Therefore, metal zippers and some coarse-toothed nylon zippers are used in the field of boots, boots, and shoes. You can buy metal zipper types with different tooth widths ranging from 3.50-3.60mm, 8.50-8.60mm at wholesale zipper prices.

    Jeans Zipper

    You can buy metal zipper models for the closure and decoration of hard fabric jeans through the wholesale zipper sale on our website. You can find the model you need from brass metal zippers, alpaca metal zippers, copper metal zippers and aluminum metal zippers with different tooth widths on our website.

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