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Happy 520 Day & ZIPHOO

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  • What is 520 Day?
    To many, February 14 is the Valentine’s Day every year to celebrate. But, people in China celebrate more than one Valentine’s Day. However, 520 Day is one of them. 520 is the short form of the day of May 20, and it is another Valentine’s Day holiday in China. 20th May is actually Chinese Valentine’s Day since ‘520’ always means ‘I love you’ in Chinese. But why? Because “520” sounds very close to “I love you” or “Wo Ai Ni” in Chinese. So here are little lovely something that I wanna share with our ZIPHOO families.

    According to Vogue Research in 2021, more brands took part in 520 celebrations than Valentine’s Day celebration this year, Making a shift towards China’s digital day of love. Brands should rethink their approach to Chinese Festivals. 520 Day offer big valuable marketing opportunities. it can be great marketing opportunity for all of our sports brands.

    Too many Chinese, Love is not only about relationship. but has an extended meaning, embracing confidence, self-care and a sense of personal independence. whichever Valentine’s day they choose to support, brands should take note of these changing social mores.

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