Features and innovations of zippers

  • The zipper  is an indispensable part of people's life. There are almost always zippers on clothing. Products with zippers can be more convenient. Of course, zippers have many features. Clothing with zipper should meet the following requirements and have certain characteristics.

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  • Convenience and simplicity

    because the zipper is easy to operate, it can meet the needs of people's accelerated pace of life. The use of zippers in military uniforms can meet the needs of soldiers.

    Strict safety

    some work uniforms cannot seal the body when using buttons, there are potential safety hazards, and it is easy to cause work-related accidents. Zippers are used in the pockets of the clothes, so that the contents inside are not easily lost. The use of zippers in winter clothing can play a tight and warm effect.

    Flexible changes

    modern lifestyles are diversified and complicated, and people's psychology of seeking new and different is increasing. The clever use of double-opening zippers can diversify and personalize clothing, and some parts can be easily disassembled, resulting in style changes.


    Some garments are designed to require openings for putting on and taking off, and the use of invisible zippers can make the garment more coordinated as a whole. For women's skirts and dresses, the soft and smooth invisible zipper makes the clothing more flat and complete, so that the beauty of women's curves is perfectly presented.

    Capable and powerful

    the zipper has a unique and attractive linear shape, which gives people a quick and capable feeling when applied to clothing. It is more prominent than the straight line and can play a strong decorative role. The zipper is sewn on a fabric with a more rigid effect, and its straight line feel is more prominent. Because of the embellishment of the zipper, the clothing can better reflect the strength and rigidity of a strong male. Because the change of line is very important in the design of clothing style, the structure of the zipper itself has the visual characteristics of rough and unrestrained lines. Therefore, the use of zippers to express the design of lines has long been the focus of designers in clothing design. focus. In order to emphasize the personalized style of clothing and enrich the design language, zippers are often applied to the positions of clothing dividing lines and splicing lines, and cleverly used in dart roads, cut pieces splicing, pockets, yoke division, front placket and other positions to enhance vision aesthetic effect.

    Randomness and comfort

    after intense work, wearing jackets made of zippers is convenient, casual and comfortable.

    Sense of rhythm

    the straight line shape of the zipper and other connecting lines in the clothing, the different arrangements and combinations of its length and direction, form a sense of rhythm and add charm to the clothing.

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  • zipper innovation

    In order to adapt to the changes in today's clothing market, ZIPHOO have developed and innovated for special functional needs, and produced and designed highly personalized fashion products, such as: fireproof zippers , water-proof zippers , etc. It has the functions of waterproof and fireproof, and is used for the needs of special zipper on work clothes. Zipper products are constantly enriched, and many fields such as home textiles, luggage, footwear and sporting goods are also developing rapidly.

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