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FRHOO Fire-proof Zipper Teeth According to the substance of the teeth, zippers can be categorised as nylon zippers, plastic zippers or metal zippers. Metal teeth zippers are regarded as the ideal option for flame resistant zippers because to their hardness, stability and heat resistance in light of the fact that adding flame retardant to the raw materials of nylon and plastic zipper will lower the strength of the zipper. Additionally, flame retardant can be applied on the surface of teeth to enhance performance. Tape The creation of a metal flame-resistant zipper, in comparison, is simpler and has been primarily focused on the tape's flame resistance. The following two techniques are typically effective for making tape flame retardant: 1.To increase the flame resistance of zipper tape, a particular amount of flame retardant must be added to the basic materials. Although this procedure is less expensive, it has the potential to weaken the strength of the zipper and the tape's ability to retain colour. 2.Tape can be woven directly from flame-resistant fabric. In contrast to technique 1, it may increase the strength and performance of the zipper, but it is more expensive and some important manufacturing procedures need to be modified. Slider Metal sliders are naturally flame-resistant due to their composition. And the best option for a flame-resistant zipper is an electroplated slider. Flame resistant zippers should not only be strong and flame resistant, but also assure that repeated washings and extended placement won't compromise their flame resistance capabilities.

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