How To Measure Zipper Gauge (Size)

  • In the zipper business, you’ll hear things like “Number 3, number 5, number 8”. What we’re referring to when we use that term is the gauge size. Or the size of the zipper. It’s written in this form - #3, #5, #8.

    The gauge size of a zipper is the width of the zipper teeth with the zipper closed. Usually measured in millimeters. So a #5 metal zipper would be about 5 mm wide. As the numbers increase, the size of the teeth do so as well.

    Here at Zippers, the smallest size we produce is a #2 Invisible zipper and the largest is a #15 Plastic Molded.

    So if you have a faulty slider and you’re looking to find a replacement, take a look at this video here and it will give you a guide on how to do so.

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