Two way zippers - play a critical role in your safety wear

  • Safety has the highest priority in the development and manufacture of protective clothing.

    Two way zippers - play a critical role in your safety wear

    For workwear, the two-way zipper can be directly opened to facilitate treatment when a worker suffers an accidental abdominal injury.

    For ordinary clothing, It can be used more conveniently to adjust the comfort of a coat or jacket, and more freely to adjust the opening and closing of the garment from both directions.

    ZIPHOO provides two way zippers to suit your needs.

  • Add details to your flame protective clothing

    The number of forest and vegetation fires is constantly increasing and, with it, the requirements and deployment scenarios connected with them are increasing significantly as well.

    Flame-resistant protective apparel can mean the difference between minor survivable burns and major life-threatening injuries. Zippers play a critical role in flame protective clothing.

  • When adding a zipper - the adjustable closures on the trouser hem and cuffs aid in preventing the penetration of rising heat, and reduce the risk of the body overheating, providing the wearer with optimal protection against forest and vegetation fires.

    As one of the most professional flame retardant zipper manufacturers in China, ZIPHOO provides metal flame retardant zippers and flame retardant molded zippers. Our experts have designed a variety of solutions for a variety of needs. We are confident that using our affordably priced FR zipper will increase user satisfaction while also reducing costs.

  • We can provide you with samples for your quality inspection within a short period of time if you need them.

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