How to identify the quality of zipper?

  • Zipper is one of the important accessories of clothing. The zipper is related to the function of the garment. A qualified zipper guarantees the aesthetic and functional requirements of the garment. Therefore, when using the zipper, pay attention to whether the quality of the zipper is correct. An easy way to identify the quality of a zipper is provided below.

  • Plastic zipper

    1.Visual inspection of zipper appearance

    Check whether the color of the zipper is bright, whether the color of each part is consistent, whether there is obvious color difference; whether the tape has colored flowers, dirt and wrinkles.

    Whether the surface of the filter element is shiny, whether the middle of the front of the filter element is concave, whether there is flash at the root of the filter element, and whether there are obvious quality problems such as missing teeth and no teeth.

    When the zipper is in its natural hanging state, the end of the hand-held zipper is straight, wavy, or curved.

    Whether the tape is positioned symmetrically, skewed or floating.

    The logo is clear at the bottom of the slider and on the front of the label.

    2.Detect the feel of the zipper

    Pull the slider back and forth with your hand, and the handle bounces without pulsation.

    When the slider is activated at the upper and lower stops and sockets, it feels like it is a normal stop or block.

    It is flexible whether the pull tab can be flipped within 180°.

    The pull tab is naturally placed on the zipper, and the two elements are pulled apart by two forces at an angle greater than 60°. The applied pulling force should not be too large or too strong, so that the slider does not slide, indicating that the slider has its own locking function. If the slider slides, it means there is no locking or the self-locking force is not enough.

    Manual insertion is light and flexible when inserting or extracting pins.

    Pull the pull tab perpendicular to the plane of the slider body by hand, and the slider cover cannot be loosened or peeled off.

    Nylon zipper

    1.Visual inspection zipper

    Appearance requirements. In addition to the common points of injection-molded zippers, it also depends on whether the tooth head of the element has a fracture, which will affect the flat pull strength of the zipper. Whether the position of the core thread and the stitching thread is appropriate, whether there are reverse stitches during sewing, whether there are overlapping or skipped stitches; the stitching thread should be sewn on the core thread.

    2.Detect the feel of the zipper

    In addition to the common points of plastic zippers , it is also necessary to coat the surface of the zipper to see if the surface feels smooth. Smooth and rough burrs are normal.

    Metal zipper

    1.Visual inspection of zipper appearance

    In addition to the common inspection items with plastic zippers, it is also necessary to check whether the chain teeth are broken, whether the edge of the dent is cracked, and whether the cracked elements of the zipper are neatly arranged.

    2.Detect zipper feel

    It is the same as the detection method of plastic zipper.

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