How to Choose Metal Zipper?

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  • The Metal Zipper is durable, soft and elegantly dignified. It is suitable for high-grade jackets, leather jackets, ski jackets, down jackets, denim, casual wear and cold-proof clothing.

    What should I pay attention to when choosing a Metal Zipper ?

    1) Must ensure that it is strong and perfect, the upper and lower stop must be fastened tooth or clamped on the tooth.

    2) Metal Zipper Sliders are available in a variety of shapes, from small and delicate to bold and masculine. But no matter what kind of Zipper Head, you have to feel whether the Zipper Head is comfortable to pull, and whether the Zipper will not pull or close together. The Zipper s available on the market now come with a self-locking device, so when you put the Zipper on, you have to check whether the Zipper will slide down after the lock is fixed.

    3)The tooth of the Metal Zipper are also electroplated and coloured, so when you are buying, you should pay attention to whether the surface is evenly plated and whether the Zipper is smooth when you pull it up and down. After the Zipper is pulled together, it is necessary to observe whether the left and right tooth bite each other, asymmetrical Zipper tooth will definitely affect the use of the Zipper .

    4)Because the raw material of Metal Zipper fabric tape is polyester silk thread, sewing thread, core thread and other different kinds of silk thread composition, its weight, colouring are different, so in the same Zipper easy to produce colour difference, at this time in the selection of fabric tape to choose uniform dyeing, no cloudy point, different fabrics made of fabric tape are soft to the touch mainly.

    5)Determine the Metal Zipper is used in which products, such as bags, clothing, shoes and boots, tents, denim to be washed or acidic leather products and other special requirements.

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