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ZIPHOO #5 Plastic Open End Zipper
  • ZIPHOO #5 Plastic Open End Zipper

ZIPHOO #5 Plastic Open End Zipper

Tape/Teeth Yellow

  • Classic open end zipper are widely used in the following industry as fashion and high-quality customized accessory:

    Garment Industry: Overcoat/Jacket/Suit/Leisure Suit/ T-shirt/Work-clothes/Sportswear/Jeans wear/Trousers/Pans and so on.

    colour options. As per customer’s request.
    Sizes options. As per customer’s request.


    ZIPHOO high quality plastic open end & close end garment zipper. Ideal for coats, jackets, top, polo, dress, pants and more. The zips are remarkably flexible, soft and low profile meaning they are much less likely to catch.



    Soft to the touch, scratched on the outside, no wrinkle or twist, good meshing.









    Open End

    Tooth size



    garments, bedding, shoes, bags, tents



    We are pleased to provide some handy hints on how best to care for your zipper once it is installed in a garment.


    When Stitching, the closer your stitch lines are to the elements the more force will be required to open and close the zip fastener.


    Wash with the zip fastener closed - this helps maintain the integrity of the zip so it handles the forces experienced in washing much better.


    When Ironing ensure the Zip Fastener is closed and with an iron temperature of less than 130°C. Ideally if you have to iron directly on top of the Zip do so with a damp cloth.


    Colour Matching


    Due to the limitations in reproducing colour on various monitors and settings there may be variation.


    Please Contact Us for more information on your accurate match.

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