ZIPHOO zippers are used to beautify or enhance garments

  • Materials are used as trims to embellish or enhance clothing. These outward-facing elements of clothes can be used to increase attractiveness, distinguish products, make references to current fashion trends, and carry a theme over an entire collection. Almost any type of clothing can be embellished with trims, which are available in a wide range of materials and techniques.

    Trims divide into two categories:

    1.Decorative trims: it is used enhance the aesthetic appeal of the garment not much related to garment functions.

    2.Functional trims: it is part of garment that serve important part in performance and aesthetic of a garme.


    Mechanical sliding fasteners are zippers. Clothes can expand to be dressed in and, when closed, become smooth and fitting. In comparison to buttons, snaps, etc., they can offer a nicer garment fit and withstand more seam tension. They are essential to the functionality of clothing when employed as closures since zipper malfunctions frequently leave clothing useless. Additionally, zippers can be employed as ornamental tapes, colour chains, or other aesthetic elements.

    The several types of zipper sliders, including nylon sliders, metal sliders, and plastic sliders, can be categorised. In contrast to sliders used with metal and plastic zippers, sliders fitted on nylon zippers have asymmetric top and bottom sides, with the top side being flatter than the bottom.

    Locking is where slider remain stagnant, without moving up and down the chain unexpectedly. In general, zipper sliders divide in 3 categories based on the locking mechanism:

    1.Auto - Lock Sliders

    2.Semi - auto lock sliders

    3.Non - lock sliders

    Auto lock sliders: it will not move unless there is an external force on the pull tabs.

    Application: garments, sportswear, outerwear, jackets, skirts etc.

    Non lock sliders: it will unfasten even if there is tiny force is applied on slider pull tabs.

    Application: bags, handbags, luggage, tents, bed covers etc

    Semi-auto lock sliders: locking or unlocking of the sliders depend on the movement of the pull tabs.

    Application: jeans and pants

    At ZIPHOO, We specialise in this field for almost 20 years, and we produce all kinds of zippers including Nylon, Plastics and metal etc.

    Our Nylon Zippers are made of high quality Nylon and are more flexible than toothed zippers. it is particularly useful in sportswear that requires flexibility and lightweight.

    Our ZIPHOO metal zippers are comparatively the most durable and heavy-duty among all zippers. they can withstand the harsh conditions such as tough washing.

    ZIPHOO molded plastic zippers are ideal for most outdoorswear and are especially common in sportswear. they are manufactured with high-performance resins, and they are strong and also lightweight.

    Moreover, you can also get your custom made zippers at ZIPHOO. Our company can manufacture and design zippers based on your requirements and ship to you straightway.

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