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  • Most bag makers seem to agree that zipper can be a little tricky to work with. today we are giving to some tips on how to design and what zippers are suitable on bag design.

    Type of Zippers

    There are two main types of zippers - Nylon coil and metal.

    In essence, nylon zippers are made from a thin coil of material that looks plastic. They can be swiftly opened and closed, cut or sewn over without damaging your rotary cutter, scissors, or needle, and they are highly flexible. Nylon zippers can be used as two-way zippers, which open and close in either direction and are perfect for larger bags and backpacks. There are nylon zippers in every colour imaginable, and they frequently cost very little.

    Metal zippers are obviously made of metal. They don't have coils; they have tiny metal teeth. Brass, bronze, and nickel are just a few of the finishes that are available for metal zippers. They give bags a glossy, polished look that is frequently challenging to achieve with nylon zippers. They are also exceptionally sturdy and perfect for regularly used bags. at , the website for our metal zipper. We provide a large selection of metal zippers in various materials and finishes. Make sure to browse our selection of metal zippers online to discover the perfect fit for your design.

  • Metal zippers are among the most widely utilised types in handbags. The elements are made of metals such golden brass, aluminium, and nickel. A variety of finishes are offered by ZIPHOO for their metal zippers. The ZIPHOO product range now offers a number of other finishes, including Gold and Light Copper. Remember that brass will corrode and change colour over time when buying a metal zipper. In a variety of designs, ZIPHOO offers standard metal zippers that can be used in handbags and other thick-fabric applications like leather.

    Moreover, you can also get your custom made zippers at ZIPHOO. Our company can manufacture and design zippers based on your requirements and ship to you straightway.

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