How does a good quality zipper look like?

  • The zippers we use today come from many sources, many factories. Questions that customers often want to know but don't know who to ask are. "How do you judge whether the zipper is good or bad?" Because the zipper is also one of the products, if it is used without looking at the quality, it will cause problems for consumers. Or the user of the final product So today, I will teach you how to judge the quality of a zipper.

    In case anyone hasn't read what zip is made of. You can read more here to understand the story better

    If we look at the quality of the zipper we have to look at the characteristics of the components. The main things that must be paid attention to in zipper assembly are zipper teeth, zipper pullers, and zipper fabrics. Let’s take a look at them separately below.

  • 1. Does the fiber density of the zipper fabric also affect the strength?

    If we look closely, we can see that each zipper is made of fabric fibers of different thicknesses. Because most zippers are small it is usually used for small items. It doesn't have to take a lot of force. The fabric uses a small amount of zippers. So it's thinner than a queen size, so if you look at the zipper fabric, look at how strong the fabric will hold up with each use.

    Is the weave pattern on the zipper the result or not?

    If we try to search for zipper images on various websites we may have seen patterns of woven patterns of zipper fabrics in different patterns. In fact, if it is divided by zipper type, it can be seen that metal zippers are often found in thick patterns. Don't focus on the pattern this is because most metal zippers are used in applications that require strength. The fabric required must be thick enough to withstand the force. Nylon zippers are the type we see the most because they allow more freedom. Most of these modes usually have little impact. It mainly depends on the density of the fabric. As for the invisible zipper model, it can be seen that the fabric is the thinnest. Because the light and thin zipper fabric is used to blend with other parts as much as possible.

    2. Is the zipper head smooth?

    One of the most important aspects of a zipper is sliding. And there is both extremely smooth sliding, but also some stiffness. How does this factor affect? What could be the reason? A good zipper head must have a guide rail. This is the right size for the zipper teeth The way we slide and feel stiff May be the zipper puller is too small and the zipper teeth and zipper cloth are pressing together on the rail. This is an important factor that causes zippers to often get stuck. It's not always good. We have to see if it's too slippery, and we can't hold on at all. Sometimes slippage is due to the size of the sliders being larger than the teeth. Or tooth spacing is too large (this will also reduce the bonding effect), so a good zipper puller can not be loose, and it is not too slippery.

    Does nylon zipper puller material work?

    Every zipper puller is more than just beautiful. But the materials used to make each type of zipper pull were also invented for different purposes. If we use it as a zinc zipper puller it tends to get old and show more signs of reaction on zinc metal than other materials. Is there any way to help make the zipper head spray paint coating (but the coating will fade or fade after a long time) so if we must choose the material of the zipper head to cooperate with it, it is better.

    3. Do good zipper teeth have to be neat?

    That's right, the best zipper teeth are the ones that are aligned, have equal teeth and gaps between the teeth, neat teeth, good adhesion. In some cases, customers ask if nylon zippers are used to make jeans zippers impossible. use. Is it because the zipper is of poor quality? Tori has to start by saying that each type of zipper tooth is like a zipper pull, i.e. designed to support a different application. This nylon zipper tooth is not subject to heat or humidity when it goes into the jeans manufacturing process. Therefore cause damage Plastic zipper teeth Because the teeth are all plastic, a good plastic zipper must have a break.

    All of the above This does not mean that the zipper is woven with thin fabric. Or use zinc zipper pulls. In any case, it will be a poor quality zipper. Because in production, it will be prepared to support proper use, thin, and sometimes it is produced for devices that are used for a short time. Do the most economical, but the basic functions that are essential for swiping cards are also needed. Therefore, the best way is that we must also choose to use zippers according to the correct use.

    ZIPHOO's zippers are of excellent quality. We insist on using excellent fabrics, zipper pullers and zipper teeth in the process of manufacturing zippers, so that the finished zippers are durable. If you want to know more about ZIPHOO zippers, please contact us !

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