Five reasons to choose ZIPHOO as a metal zipper manufacturer

  • Metal zippers are the oldest type of zipper and are widely used on jeans, jackets, bags, shoes and other durable or decorative items.

    Similar to the manufacturing process of nylon zippers , the production of metal zippers is basically divided into 4 stages, including dyeing, chain production, slider manufacturing and finished products. But the slight difference is that the dyeing of the metal zipper is arranged before the production of the tooth chain.

    There are several options for the tooth shape of the metal zipper, such as corn teeth, Y-cut teeth, ordinary round teeth, and European teeth. But generally speaking, Y-cut gears and normal gears are the most common types in the market due to their large production capacity and stable quality.

    For different metal zippers, the difference is not only the shape, but also the processing technology. For example, ordinary round-tooth metal zippers are stamped from metal strips, and their material utilization rate is only about 60%. More importantly, this manufacturing process will inevitably cause processing marks and even burrs on the tooth surface, which will adversely affect the appearance and sales of zipper products.

    The difference is that the Y cutting gear adopts the processing method of preformed wire. The prefabricated wire is cut into small pieces, and these pieces are forged into bumps and bumps. Finally, bend the two legs of the chip to clip the zip ties. As a result, the material utilization rate can reach more than 98%, the production efficiency is higher, and the appearance quality of the zipper chain is greatly improved. In addition, it not only simplifies post-processing production, but also increases the strength of the zipper chain.

    There are many zipper manufacturers and suppliers in the market today. We have introduced to you the factors to consider when choosing a zipper manufacturer. Below, we will share with you why ZIPHOO is chosen to make metal zippers among many leading brands in the world.

    Reason #1 - Dedicated zipper tape that ensures smooth sliding up and down the zipper chain

    Reason #2 - High-end applications Perfect for high-end jackets, jeans, luggage and bags

    Reason #3 - One-stop manufacturing process from polyester yarn, metal wire, etc. to finished products, ensuring better physical properties exceeding national standard requirements, and longer service life

    Reason #4 - Nationally recognized testing center to ensure environmental protection/high quality Metal zippers undergo various rigorous tests according to internationally recognized standards and personal preferences

    Reason #5 - Flexible customization services, rich tooth shape options and strong R&D capabilities help to better meet customization needs

    ZIPHOO metal zippers are available in different teeth, finishes and sizes. We have been producing metal zippers since our establishment. In addition to the above advantages, our metal zippers also have the advantages of stable product quality, excellent surface finish, and water-resistant.

    Please note that some specialty metal zippers may take longer to produce due to the complex technology involved. Delivery times may also vary by season. Please contact us to check carefully before placing an order.

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