ZIPHOO zipper provides better support for your business

  • What would you say about you and your business in 2022? How is business for you year-round? Few words, like Covid, climate calamities, the war in the Ukraine, a collapsing economy, political stability, and global instability, have been circling in my thoughts. I learn that there is only one word for this, and it recently was named the word of the year by Collins Dictionary: “permacrisis.”

    The good news for ZIPHOO is that we remain optimistic about the future and our connections with our clients despite the fact that we have also gone through many permacrisis situations. this is because we are certain that we can offer our customers attributes like exceptional service and high-quality goods at reasonable costs.

    We have been thinking about what substitute we could provide our zipper clients. Brass zippers were replaced with brand-new aluminium alloy zippers . We have been successful in helping our clients achieve cost reductions of up to 30% overall by doing this. It is widely used on bags, jackets, and trousers that don't require a lot of tension when the zipper is closed because of its small weight and low cost.

    Additionally, ZIPHOO offers custom-made zippers . According to your specifications, our organisation can manufacture and design zippers, which we can then promptly supply to you.

    Our team member is available to you if you contact us today for additional information. Please include your contact information so that we can set up a call to talk further.

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