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Velcro or Zipper?

  • Every type of garment requires specialized solutions, which you can find in our tailoring accessories warehouse. Today we want to give you a detailed look at Velcro and zippers, to make it easier for you to choose which of these haberdashery accessories to choose when planning your new collection. Zipper suggestion :)

  • Velcro - Tailor accessories for...

    It goes without saying that each of us has a lot of clothing, footwear or hiking gear in our closet that uses Velcro. This type of fastening is often used in children's and seniors' shoes because for these users it is easier to use Velcro than zippers or laces.

    Sports equipment manufacturers also cannot imagine their product range without Velcro. They wear this tailored accessory in their sleeves, hood or collar.

    It is also worth mentioning that Velcro fasteners are also frequently used in formal clothing, for example as an element to secure a chimney to the neck or as a "discreet" fastener for pockets. As you can easily see, we can say that this haberdashery accessory is widely used in many fields (including clothing and travel).

    Contrary to the popular myth that Velcro wears out quickly, we must categorically deny it! If this type of fastener is purchased from a reputable manufacturer, it will serve your customers for many years (until the product equipped with it is fully utilized).

    Zippers - When Are They Worth Replacing Velcro?

    We see them everywhere and use them every day. There is no doubt that zippers have revolutionized the fashion industry, in short, they have made life easier for all of us :) The biggest advantage of zippers over Velcro is the durability of joining the two elements together. For example, if a ski jacket is fastened with only Velcro, it may not perform as well as a style with waterproof zippers.

    We cannot forget about the decorative function of zippers. In this case, it is worth mentioning the metal lock. Their polished teeth will add style to any type of outfit.

    Just a few years ago, shiny zippers were mainly used in casual and formal clothing, but now they are also increasingly appearing in sportswear. That's why we have also introduced Polished Cube Locks in our range which are lighter than metal locks and hence customers related to the fashion industry prefer to use them.

    As far as the type of fastening a dress is concerned, there is no substitute for a hidden zipper. Velcro does not hold elements of the material well enough to act as an invisible fastener in formal gowns. However, this does not diminish their usefulness in other types of clothing.

    We also want you to bear in mind the possibility of attaching the zipper with Velcro, which is common in travel equipment. For example, while the entrance to the tent is secured with zippers, the rolled-down vestibule is connected to the rest of the structure with Velcro.

    A similar combination of these two types of zippers can be found in blazers and pants.

    We hope we've cleared up your doubts about which haberdashery accessories are better to buy. Our answers - each has its own merits, but for different purposes!

    We invite everyone who is interested in fashion tailoring accessories to cooperate with us. Among the offers of manufacturers and zipper wholesalers you will find Velcro fasteners and zippers (covered, cubic, plastic, metal). No matter what you expect from us, you will receive the highest quality products that will undoubtedly delight your customers as well. Zip consultants are waiting for you and your company.

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