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  • As 2023 is approaching, We are planning to send you some of our latest designed zippers to help with the new design of your apparel.

    When it comes to making zippers, we at ZIPHOO have a lot on our minds. It wasn't until 1917 that the zipper truly began to exist. For all those previous millennia, we were just unable to achieve the level of precision required to create a zipper that meshes smoothly.

    Since the zipper has been around for almost a century, you'd assume it would have undergone significant refinement and become a totally reliable device. However, it hasn't happened. Numerous damaged zippers are still in use. teeth that break. Pull that off, snap. Unfixable lockups and sheepish sliding.

    One torn zipper can render a whole outfit unwearable. As a result, trustworthy brands are required to uphold a high level of quality. Because we are all aware of how crucial this is to our customers, we meticulously make each and every zipper. Since every little detail is managed by ZIPHOO, external factors are minimised, and we can ensure consistent production quality and speed.

    We are dedicated to producing exceptionally durable zippers, reducing lead times, and consistently delivering them on time. In the present worldwide market, we also provide a large selection of colours, materials, and styles at affordable prices. Our intention is to convince our customers that ZIPHOO is always the right choice.


    We offer all types of zippers such as Waterproof, Reflective and windproof zippers.

    Our HOO waterproof zippers are made of Nylon with high quality coating. it is a perfect zipper for safety jacket or vest.

    Our HOO reflective zipper are durable and heavy-duty. They can withstand the harsh conditions as tough washing.

    HOO windproof zippers are ideal for workers who work under the wet conditions. they are manufactured with high performance resin, and they are strong and also lightweight.

    In addition, You can also get your custom made zipper at ZIPHOO, Our company can manufacture and design zippers based on your requirements and ship to you straightway within short period of time.

    ZIPHOO, as a zipper company, is committed to delivering the best services and zipper products to all safety-wear companies around the world. At ZIPHOO, Our aim is to growing your business. We are glad to help all our clients find their customers.

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