What You Need to Know About Luggage Zippers

  • The luggage zipper is the most important part of the travel bag. Globetrotters and frequent travelers should pay special attention to the quality of their luggage zippers before purchasing their travel gear. After all, if the zipper on your bag is broken, you can't travel. Low-quality luggage zippers are prone to breaking and can put you in an awkward position if they do. The thought of seeing everything you carry spilled on the floor is a scary one.

    What are the most commonly used luggage zippers in the luggage manufacturing industry?

    Luggage typically uses two types of zippers: metal zippers and plastic zippers. Metal zippers are generally stronger and more durable, while plastic zippers are lighter.

    Dimensions: Luggage zippers can vary in size depending on the size and purpose of the luggage. Larger suitcases will usually use larger zippers, while smaller suitcases will use smaller zippers.

    Zipper teeth: Zipper teeth are an important part of the zipper. The teeth of metal zippers are usually made of metal, while the teeth of plastic zippers are made of plastic. The structure and size between the teeth can affect the durability and smoothness of the zipper.

    Zipper Pull: The zipper pull is the opening part of the zipper used to open and close the zipper. Luggage often uses zipper pulls, zipper rings or zipper handles for easy access.

    Zipper Protectors: Some styles of luggage may be equipped with zipper protectors, which are placed on either side of the zipper to increase the durability of the suitcase and prevent the zipper from becoming jammed or damaged.

    Maintenance and maintenance: To ensure the smoothness and function of the zipper, it is recommended to clean and lubricate the zipper regularly. You can use specialized zipper cleaners and lubricants, or use some household alternatives like soapy water or candle wax.

    Things to Remember When Evaluating Luggage Zippers

    Now that you're familiar with the two most popular types of luggage zippers, here are some tips that can come in handy as you evaluate luggage zippers.

    1. Bigger is better

    Larger sized zippers tend to be stronger and more durable than smaller sized zippers.

    2. Closed zippers are better than open zippers

    When it comes to travel bags, closed zippers are the better choice. Since these zippers open at both ends, even if one of the zippers in a pair breaks, you can still use your duffel bag. Find out more: Closed vs. open zippers.

    3. People who carry valuables should choose waterproof zippers

    If you are someone who is carrying valuables such as expensive cameras or watches, your travel luggage must be equipped with waterproof luggage zippers.

    4. Choose a large hole zipper

    People who like extra security often use locks for added security. Sometimes, however, zipper pulls happen to have small holes that don't allow the shackle to get in. When buying travel bags, people should make sure that the holes in the sliders are large enough to allow the latches to enter.

    5. Smart zipper is the need of the times

    Most of the good luggage manufacturing companies are starting to include smart zippers in their travel gear these days. Smart zippers feature tamper-resistant zipper pulls attached to hidden clips. These clips make it impossible for a thief or pickpocket to get their work done without getting caught. If you are the type to carry valuables, invest in a travel bag with smart zippers.

    How to maintain the luggage zipper?

    Luggage zippers require proper care and maintenance. All you need to do is take a few minutes out of your busy schedule every month to dedicate it to zipping your suitcase. This will increase their lifespan. Here are some helpful tips.

    1. Lubrication is important

    Care must be taken to maintain waterproof zippers. If not regularly lubricated with Teflon spray, silicone grease, or paraffin, they become deformed and difficult to handle.

    2. Don’t stuff your duffle bag

    Most people snap the zippers on their suitcases when trying to close a full bag. To prolong the life of your luggage zippers, fill your suitcase to its optimum capacity.

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