TOP Intensified Zippers to solve your business bottleneck

  • A TOP Intensified Zipper

    Can withstand more weight, more robust and durable, in military backpacks, clothes, military boots, sleeping bags and other need high quality products, or any brands need high quality products.

  • Our new reinforced zipper has the following features:

    1.More sturdy: Our imported “nylon 066” material is able to ensure the strength of the slider teeth, environmental,flame-resistant,cold-resistant,distortion-resistant,and abrasion-resistant.

    2.More smooth: With centerline positioning between the teeth, the entire zipper is protected from displacement..

    3.More durable: Our reinforced zipper has undergone multiple tests and simulations, proving that it can withstand longer periods of use without damage or failure.

    We believe that our new reinforced zipper can greatly improve the user experience and provide long-lasting benefits. We would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you and introduce our new product to your customers.

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