Reflective zipper for your design and function

  • Maybe you need a zipper with both design and function in your product to increase your selling point and usability.

  • A reflective zipper is a type of zipper with reflective material embedded on its surface. It can reflect light in low visibility environments such as dim light or night-time, improving people's visibility and safety.

  • The reflective effect of the reflective zipper mainly depends on the quality and density of the reflective material. Generally, the higher the density of the reflective material, the better the reflective effect.

    In addition to improving visibility and safety, ZIPHOO reflective zippers also have the characteristics of beauty and practicality, and are commonly used in clothing and accessory design.

    Moreover, the quality of reflective zippers is also a key factor in the selection process. ZIPHOO reflective zippers not only have good reflective effects, but also have smooth pulling and durability. It commonly used in outdoor sports equipment, safety workwear, night running equipment, and so on.

    If you need , then ZIPHOO will be your best choice, because the price of ZIPHOO is very competitive, especially compared with YKK.

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