New mattress round zipper

  • Recently we developed a new zipper, improve the mattress, luggage and other rounded corners of the zipper more smooth, not easy to burst. We believe that this innovative design will offer several benefits, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

  • Principle:

    The circular zipper design we are envisioning would consist of a zipper track that follows the curve of the rounded edges on our mattresses and luggage items. This design would allow for smoother and more efficient access to the interior compartments, as well as a unique and attractive appearance. The primary principle behind this concept is to improve user experience and provide a distinctive, modern look.


    Durable Materials: The circular zipper and its components must be made from high-quality, durable materials to ensure longevity and reliability.

    Smooth Functionality: The zipper should offer smooth and effortless zipping and unzipping to enhance user convenience.

    Design Flexibility: We need the design to be adaptable for various sizes and shapes of mattresses and luggage, accommodating different curvature profiles.

    Aesthetic Appeal: The design should enhance the overall aesthetics of our products and be visually appealing.

    Cost-Effective Manufacturing: It is crucial that the proposed design can be manufactured cost-effectively without compromising on quality.

    Customization: The ability to offer customization options to our customers, such as color choices and branding, is essential.

    We are eager to explore the potential of this circular zipper design and would appreciate your expertise and guidance in developing and implementing it effectively.

    If this is a project your company is interested in pursuing, we would be delighted to discuss this further and arrange a meeting at your convenience. Please let us know if you have any questions or require additional information from our end.

    Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate on this exciting project and believe it will significantly enhance the appeal and functionality of our products.

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