How to diversify the use of two-way zippers

  • What is a two-way zipper?

    If you've ever owned a jacket, a hiking pack, or a piece of luggage before, you probably already know what a two-way zipper is.

    A two-way zipper , also known as a double zipper or double zipper, is a zipper made of plastic or metal that can be closed or opened in two opposite directions at the same time. The stops can be located anywhere on the zipper, but they are usually located at the end, especially in items such as bags and luggage.

    For garments, two-way zippers are often incorporated into long closures. So while you're unlikely to find two-way zippers on skirts or slacks, you're sure to find them on outerwear like jackets and coats.

  • Types of two-way zippers

    1. Two-way head-to-head zipper

    As the name implies, the sliders of a two-way head-to-head zipper touch each other when the zipper is closed. Opening this type of zipper involves pulling the two sliders apart and toward the stops located at each end of the tape.

    2. Two-way end-to-end zipper

    Also known as a back-to-back zipper, a two-way end-to-tail zipper is the exact opposite of a two-way head-to-head zipper. When the zipper is closed, two sliders are located at the ends of the tape. You need to pull them toward each other to open the zipper, not the two sliders apart.

    3. Two-way separation zipper

    This two-way zipper is not named after the direction of the slider. It is so named because the zipper is split at both ends; one of the sliders (usually at the bottom) allows the zipper to be separated.

    When using the two-way breakaway zipper, it can really add a chic look to the fashion style of clothing, backpacks and bags. Therefore, in 2022 and beyond, in order to enhance the fashion style of each era, two-way separation zippers will be implemented, which will become a trend issue for such zipper applications.

    A two-way zipper is a zipper made of metal or plastic that has the ability to close or open in two different directions at the same time. The stop of the zipper can be positioned in any area of the zipper. However, for items such as jackets, luggage, and backpacks, the stop is usually located near the end of the zipper.

    As far as the application of two-way zippers on clothing is concerned, this type of zipper is usually placed on clothing with longer colors. It is important to note that these types of zippers are not usually placed inside trousers or skirts. But you will often notice the use of this type of zipper on coats and jackets and it really adds to the stylish style of the garment.

    There are many types of two-way zippers. The sliders of a two-way head-to-head zipper meet side by side with the zipper marked closed. When this particular type of zipper needs to be opened, the slider needs to be pulled in the opposite direction of the stops located at the ends of the zipper.

    A two-way tail-to-high zipper has two sliders that are located at opposite ends of the zipper, in which case the zipper is marked closed. Instead of pulling each slider in the opposite direction of each other, the sliders need to be pulled so that they meet each other to ensure that the zipper will open. In addition, there is a two-way split zipper designed with two ends separated. This zipper has a pull that allows the zipper to come apart. Sliders that cause separation are usually located near the bottom.

    All in all, whether it's a two-way breakaway zipper or a two-way "O" zipper, it's functional and adds style and performance to your jacket, bag, or backpack.

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