About the design and manufacturing of zippers

  • During the design process of a textile product, the designer determines exactly what type of zipper the product's design requires. The most important selection criteria are:

    Raw material

    When selecting raw materials for zipper chains and carrier tapes, consider the expected application environment.

    The material of the carrier tape is always 100% polyester yarn. Deviations from this can only be made on an individual order basis. In this case, the textile tape can be made of 100% cotton yarn. For example, this may be necessary if a customer wants a cotton clothing product to be tinted along with the zipper. Carrier tape can also be made from hybrid (cotton/polyester) tape. This may be necessary in some special cases, for example if the zipper is glued.

    While it may be useful in some special cases if the carrier tape's base material is not 100% polyester, in the vast majority of applications, standard 100% polyester tape is the best choice.

    Chain basic materials:

    Metal (Copper, Aluminum, Alpaca, Antique Bronze) VT Type,

    Plastic (polyester) RT type.

    For clothing products, all zipper base materials can be suitable, with aesthetic and ergonomic aspects being decisive.

    For products for outdoor use (such as tents, tarps), we recommend using polyester zipper base materials, which are sufficiently weather-resistant.

    In chemical environments (e.g. chemical industry applications) the use of plastic chains may also be recommended and the selection should take into account the expected corrosion stresses.

    Metal zippers have been widely used in denim clothing products.

  • Size

    The main dimensions of a zipper are determined based on the expected mechanical load and required service life of the zipper. Our products safely meet the requirements of the standards.

    Structural design

    There are many versions of plastic and metal zippers with different starting loops, ending loops and openings. You can find detailed descriptions and explanatory drawings in the structural design section of the zipper.

    Automatic Opener: The opener is locked and prevents movement (opening) anywhere along the length of the zipper. By moving the handle, the lock automatically unlocks. We use such a solution, for example for trousers, on the front of a jacket.

    Loose opener: The opener is not locked. Structures used in the leather upholstery industry, for example on bags and suitcases. It can also be used on clothing products if the zipper is installed horizontally (e.g. in a pocket) and is not subject to opening pressure.

    CLOSED FIRST EYE DESIGN: At the end of the zipper, the two halves of the tape are connected to each other in an unbreakable way. The starting eye restricts the movement of the opener. The possibilities of use are very wide, e.g. trousers, pockets, shoes, boots.

    Detachable starting loop design: The two sides of the opening zipper strap can be detached from each other, or they can be reunited. This is the solution for jackets and coats.

    2 Open loop, two-end design ("X" type): Both ends of the zipper are open, and the part between the two open loops is closed.

    2-opening, two opening design ("O" type): both ends of the zipper are closed, and the part between the two openers is open.

    2 open types, one end with an eye and the other end with a detachable type ("X" type): the end with the eye is open, and the part between the two openings is closed.

    2-opening type ("O" type) that can be opened at both ends: There is an opening part at both ends, and the part between the two openings is open.

    Aesthetic requirements

    From an aesthetic point of view, the product and matching zippers should be harmonious, attractive, and in line with fashion requirements. For this purpose, corkscrews cast from zinc alloy are available in various forms and can also be ordered individually. The surface of the opener can be painted (same color as the zipper) or galvanized.

    In the case of a hidden zipper or a reverse closing zipper or a reverse detachable zipper, the closing element of the sewn zipper is not visible. This means new application possibilities for clothing products.


    Our products can be ordered in any color. You can choose the color you want from your own color card or other common color cards. The best solution is to include the cut material in the order if possible. You can find more information about colors here.

    Ergonomics, hygiene

    In the case of apparel products, we should also consider that the product should be pleasant to use from the user's perspective. Therefore, for example, do not use metal zippers on underwear products.

    New research results show that nickel coatings, most commonly used as electroplating coatings, may cause adverse reactions: in some cases, allergic symptoms may occur on human skin. To prevent this, the opener can be offered with a nickel-free plating coating.

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