About the application of watertight/airtight zipper

  • As the name of the "water/airtight " zipper indicates, the main feature of this zipper type is to prevent liquid and air leakage. You should notice the main difference compared to waterproof zippers, which can still leak air. To manufacture water/airtight zippers, the key technologies are air/watertight teeth/elements and seals. So we should also be careful when installing airtight/watertight zippers as you need to make sure the seal is installed properly to prevent leaks.

    Different techniques can be used to manufacture airtight/watertight elements and seals. Nickel silver, polyester and polyamide are just a few examples. Therefore, we can generally divide water/airtight zippers into two categories: plastic zippers or metal zippers. We are currently focusing on making more durable and affordable metal water/airtight zippers.

    From the main characteristics, we can guess that the main application of airtight/watertight zippers is heavy equipment that needs to be resistant to pressure and liquid. However, this is just one of many applications for this type of zipper.

    Below, we discuss several popular applications for airtight/watertight zippers. This guide will help you determine if an airtight/waterproof zipper is the right choice for your current needs.

    Protective Clothing and Heavy Duty Clothing

    For apparel devices where liquid and air resistance are absolutely required, airtight/watertight zippers are the right choice to ensure safety while maintaining comfort and aesthetics.

    Some common application examples in this category include:

    Hazardous protective clothing

    Diving suit

    thermal clothing

    pressure suit

    Radiation protective clothing

    decompression suit

    submarine escape suit

    military equipment

    Airtight/watertight zippers are also popular in the military equipment industry, not only for clothing but also for machinery and other equipment.

    Here are some common examples:


    Aircraft engine

    chemical clothing

    explosives and missiles

    Inflatable simulation model


    weapons and ammunition

    Sports and leisure equipment

    Many sports require fluid and air resistance for comfort and performance. So an airtight/watertight zipper is the obvious choice to achieve this. The application of airtight/watertight zippers in the athleisure industry is not limited to clothing, but also applies to other equipment.

    Here are some examples:

    hot air balloon


    inflatable tent

    life raft

    outdoor survival equipment


    water bed

    water walking ball

    We provide customized high quality water/airtight zipper products. Please contact us for more information so we can meet your specific needs before purchasing. We also mentioned that extra care needs to be taken when installing airtight/waterproof zippers. If you need help, please contact our support team.

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