A high-teck and professional zipper

  • ZIPHOO has 27 years experience in zipper production, and we can do high-teck and professional zippers like Airtight Zipper .

  • Airtight zipper is a type of zipper with excellent sealing performance.

    It is commonly used in situations such as waterproof clothing , diving equipment, aerospace equipment, chemical equipment, medical devices, etc.

    An airtight zipper has a sealing structure that prevents gases and water vapor from passing through gaps.

    Also, the zipper head has a special structure, such as a sealing ring or sealing pad, that can effectively prevent gas leakage.

    That means the technology of airtight zippers is more demanding than that of ordinary zippers. And ZIPHOO did it.

    Material selection: ZIPHOO use special materials, such as PVC, TPU, etc., to ensure their good airtightness and durability.

    Sealing technology: The sealing technology of airtight zippers is a key step in making airtight zippers.

    Generally, high-frequency sealing, heat sealing or cold sealing technology is used to firmly seal the materials on both sides of the zipper together, and to ensure that there are no holes in the seal, so as to ensure the airtightness of the zipper.

    Structural design: The structural design of the airtight zipper is also very important. Generally, a double-layer structure or a three-layer structure design is adopted.

    Through the combination of the inner layer material and the outer layer material, an airtight isolation layer is formed to prevent gas penetration.

    Coating treatment: The surface of the airtight zipper also needs special treatment, such as coating with waterproof, anti-pollution,

    anti-ultraviolet and other coatings to improve its durability and service life.

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