5 Reasons Why You Should Choose ZIPHOO For Metal Zippers

  • Metal zippers are the oldest type of zipper and are widely used on jeans, jackets, bags, shoes and other heavy or decorative items.

    There are many zipper manufacturers and suppliers in the market today. We have introduced to you the factors to consider when choosing a zipper manufacturer. Below, we will share why you choose ZIPHOO metal zippers among leading international brands.

    Reason #1 - Dedicated zipper straps ensure smooth movement up and down the zipper chain

    Reason #2 - High-end application, perfect for high-end jackets, jeans, luggage and bags

    Reason #3 - One-stop production process from polyester wire, metal wire, etc. to finished products, to ensure that the physical properties are better than the national standard requirements, and the service life is longer

    Reason #4 - nationally recognized inspection center, to ensure the environmental protection/high quality of metal zippers, and accept various strict tests according to internationally recognized standards and personal preferences

    Reason #5——Flexible customization service, rich tooth shape selection, strong research and development capabilities, better meet customization needs

    ZIPHOO metal zippers are available in different teeth, finishes and sizes. We have been producing metal zippers since our establishment. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, our metal zippers also have the characteristics of stable product quality, excellent surface finish, and high washing resistance.

    Please note that some specialty metal zippers may take longer to produce due to the complex technology involved. Delivery times may also vary by season. Please check with us carefully before placing an order.
    ZIPHOO has developed a range of metal zippers for the jeans manufacturing industry.

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